GDPR – 2018


Taking your data protection seriously.

  1. Due to technological advances the amount of personal data generated has rapidly increased. This is why the law has needed to be updated to help protect everyone. As part of General data protection regulations (GDPR) all companies must review how personal data is managed. All data such as client e-mail addresses to employee bank details fall under the new regulations and companies must be ready by 25th May 2018.
  2. GDPR gives you more control of your data, what data companies have and how they use it. This should give you greater confidence that the information companies have on you is accurate, up to date and properly managed.
  3. In the next few months you will likely receive information/consent requests from companies ensuring they are compliant for GDPR. To be compliant these requests must be clear and straightforward free of legal terms.
  4. If you give an organisation permission to contact you in a certain way or not at all this doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. With the new rules, it should be easier and simpler to update your preferences on how the company communicates with you.
  5. GDPR ensures that all companies/organisations holding personal data have the right processes in place to protect it. If they do not they will face severe penalties.


What happens next?

As a client of Tacconi Green & Co we will be in touch shortly to ask how you wish to communicate and share data. We are required by law to keep data for certain periods. Once this time period has finished we will ensure your data is erased securely.

Tacconi Green & Co has an online portal – this is our most secure way to share information with you, however we understand that this might not be for everyone so we will ensure other options are available such as passphrase protected PDF’s via e-mail.


We have completed our GDPR review and are now compliant with the May 2018 Regulations

  • We only use your data provided to help us produce the accurate financial information required
  • We respect your privacy and will work hard to ensure our systems are regularly reviewed to ensure we meet the strict regulation requirements.
  • We do not sell your personal data to third parties